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Results: EVE – 4th January 2020

Date: 4th January 2020Venue: Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, LondonJinny Vs Zoe Lucas ended in a time-limit draw.Nina Samuels defeated Clementine.Gisele Shaw, Mercedes...

Results: EVE – 14th December 2019

Date: 14th December 2019Venue: Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, LondonSammii Jayne defeated Jinny.Sammii Jayne defeated Nina Samuels.Rhia O'Reilly defeated Jetta to retain the...

Results: Kamikaze Pro – 24th August 2019

Date: 24th August 2019Venue: The Empire, CoventryChakara defeated Millie McKenzie, Charli Evans and Heidi Katrina in a four-way match to retain the...

Results: EVE – 9th February 2019

Date: 9th February 2019Venue: Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, LondonKay Lee Ray defeated Jetta in an EVE Championship Contendership Tournament Semi Final match.Mercedes...

Results: EVE – 12th January 2019

Date: 12th January 2019Venue: Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, LondonCharlie Morgan and Erin Angel defeated Raven Creed and Zoe Lucas.Charli Evans and Millie...