Results: EVE – 12th January 2019


Date: 12th January 2019
Venue: Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green, London

Charlie Morgan and Erin Angel defeated Raven Creed and Zoe Lucas.

Charli Evans and Millie McKenzie defeated Laura Di Matteo and Yuu.

Heidi Katrina and Session Moth Martina defeated Chardonnay and Lana Austin.

Jetta and Sammii Jayne defeated Ashley Vega and Roxxy.

Nightshade and Sammi Baynz defeated La Macarena & Mischa East.

Charli Evans won a Battle Royale also featuring Sammi Baynz, Charlie Morgan, Erin Angel, Heidi Katrina, Jetta, Session Moth Martina, Millie McKenzie, Nightshade and Sammii Jayne.


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