Results and Recap: EVE – 11th January 2020


Date: 11th January 2020
Venue: 299 The Venue, London

Jinny defeated Nina Samuels.

Not featured on EVE’s Fite TV livestream due to NXT UK contract issues, this match will be available on EVE on Demand. The culmination of months of grudge-holding and mutual winding-up, this was a hell of a way to kickstart EVE’s biggest show of the year. Jinny tapped out Nina for the win.

Killer Kelly defeated Roxxy.

Also not featured on the Fite TV livestream. Fresh off the back of simultaneous WXW runs, Killer Kelly and Roxxy fielded a contest of power versus agility. Roxxy looked strong throughout, but Kelly’s uncompromising aggression was too much for her. That’s two Wrestle Queendom defeats in a row for Roxxy.

Jetta won the 15-woman rumble.

Featuring a smorgasboard of talent, the rumble started out with Mercedez Blaze and Skye Smitson facing off and quickly expanded to include almost all 15 women in the ring at the same time. Allegiances between Blaze and Chakara, Smitson and Rebel Kinney, and Livvii Grace and Nightshade quickly formed, and just as quickly fell apart. Mischa East and Violet O’Hara followed, with high-flying O’Hara making quite the impact.

Louise Jane, Kira Chimera, Kara and Hollie Barlow brought the total up to 12. Next out was Jetta, serenading the crowd in her usual style, but was quickly cut off by Nightshade and Livvii Grace.

The 14th entrant was Dominita, and here the eliminations began in earnest, with Violet O’Hara and Hollie Barlow the first to exit. In at number 15 was Saraya Knight, eliciting an enormous pop from the crowd. The competitors swiftly united to eliminate Dominita, who made her mark by eliminating Saraya Knight.

After a sequence of eliminations the last women standing were Jetta and Nightshade. Jetta reversed Nightshade’s One Winged Angel into a headscissors, pulling her over the top rope and out onto the floor for the win.

Lana Austin Vs Yuka Sakazaki ended in a time-limit draw.

Austin’s opportunity to prove herself against Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling’s finest. The reigning Princess of Princess champion utilised her technical prowess to the full against Austin, whose speed and savvy saw her reach the ropes each time. Austin showed strong ring awareness in cutting off Sakazaki’s top-rope offense. A missed Magical Girl Splash turned the tables in Austin’s favour, but neither woman was able to capitalise within the fifteen-minute time limit.

Maki Itoh defeated Session Moth Martina.

A fun and energetic match. From Itoh swigging Martina’s beer to Martina being urged by the crowd to apologise, this was a full-on crowd participation fest. Several headbutts from Itoh followed by the Itoh Special scored The World’s Cutest Wrestler a win by submission.

Nor Diana defeated Zoe Lucas.

A strong debut for Nor “Phoenix” Diana, and a smart choice of opponent. Lucas’ obnoxious heel antics brought the best out of Diana, whose lightning-fast offense is exciting to watch. The more powerful Lucas attempted to grind Diana down, but Diana fought back with an impressive arsenal of manoeuvres, including a headscissor takedown, a tornado DDT and a perfect tope suicida. Diana rolled Lucas up with a hurricanrana pin to claim victory.

Rhia O’Reilly defeated Laura Di Matteo to retain the EVE Championship.

This brutal and chaotic match erupted into a brawl before the bell rang, spilling DiMatteo, O’Reilly and accompanying goons Nightshade and Livvii Grace out into the crowd. A DiMatteo somersault from the stage (channeling Charlie Morgan) cleared O’Reilly and co out. Eventually the bout made it back into the ring, where a mystery assailant attacked DiMatteo. Dazed, DiMatteo walked right into two Rhiadjustments and was out for the count.

After the match it was revealed that Skye Smitson was the mystery woman. She celebrated with O’Reilly in the ring and accompanied her along with Grace and Nightshade to the back.

Charli Evans and Millie McKenzie defeated Gisele Shaw and Sammii Jayne, and Woke Queens (Debbie Keitel and Valkyrie) to win the EVE Tag Team Championships.

SHE-1 winner Millie McKenzie used her right to a match of her choosing to demand a tag title shot for herself and Charli Evans. The Medusa Complex, as they are collectively known, found themselves embroiled in a three-way match when Woke Queens lost their titles to Sammii Jayne and Gisele Shaw. Woke Queens demanded a rematch, and the Wrestle Queendom 3 main event was born.

Much like the previous match this one initially erupted in chaos, albeit in-ring chaos. Once order was established, Woke Queens took on Shaw and Jayne with such creative implements as a baking tray, steel chairs and a table covered in barbed wire. There was standard offense too, with Valkyrie pulling out multiple smooth moonsaults, and Gisele Shaw delivering stiff lariats to the corner.

The table went unused right up until Millie McKenzie viciously speared Sammii Jayne off the apron, sending her crashing through the table. A dazed Sammii Jayne was rolled back into the ring for the pin, eliminating Gisele Shaw and Sammii Jayne from the competition.

Woke Queens then took on Medusa Complex for the titles. Keitel and Valkyrie cut off McKenzie, wearing her down, but she was able to reach Evans for the tag. Woke Queens attacked Evans with wooden skewers delivered straight to the forehead, but Evans and McKenzie utilised their double-team prowess (and a handy staple gun) to their advantage. Debbie Keitel taps to Evans’ armbar, making Medusa Complex the new EVE Tag Team Champions.


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