Billed from: Coventry, United Kingdom

Titles held:

  • Bellatrix Female Warriors // Bellatrix British Championship
  • World Association of Wrestling // WAAW British Championship (2x)
  • Real Quality Wrestling // RQW European Women’s Championship
  • International Pro Wrestling UK // IPW:UK Women’s Championship
  • Dragon Pro Wrestling // Celtic Crown Women’s Championship
  • Association Biterroise de Catch // ABC Women’s Championship
  • Pro Wrestling: EVE // EVE Tag Team Championship (with Erin Angel)

Also known as:

  • Coventry’s most Charismatic
  • The Princess Diana of EVE
  • The Mouth of the Midlands
  • British Wrestling Legend
  • Reading Festival Headliner
  • Sensei of ‘Shall I’

Has pinned:

All for a two count

Winner of the inaugural Pro Wrestling: EVE Wrestle Queendom Rumble.


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