EVE Women Behaving Badly Results and Recap


Laura DiMatteo defeated Kira Chimera

Making her EVE singles debut, Kira Chimera started out strong, and looked powerful and threatening against Laura DiMatteo. However, DiMatteo was on fire and ultimately made short work of Chimera.

Kasey defeated Maddison Miles (EVE International Championship #1 Contender Match)

Debuting Canadian wrestler Maddison Miles is a champion in her native Nova Scotia, and endeared herself instantly to the EVE crowd. But Kasey is a force to be reckoned with, and Miles could not bounce back from a brutal Shining Wizard. Kasey’s win propelled her to the main event, where she would take on either Sammii Jayne or Holidead for the EVE International Championship.

Jetta defeated Clementine

Exactly as fun as you might expect from the Princess Diana of EVE and the Bubbly Brawler. A Terry’s Chocolate Orange was used as as a weapon. Jetta stood on Clementine’s hair. Clementine’s favourite wrestler is Willie Mack. Good times all round.

Sammii Jayne (c) defeated Holidead (EVE International Championship Match)

A superb match to close out the first half. Sammii Jayne’s versatility complemented Holidead’s power and presence. If you only watch one match from Women Behaving Badly, make it this one. Sammii Jayne hit a top rope Frankensteiner/Death Valley Driver combo to take Holidead down.

Zoe Lucas defeated Rebel Kinney

Good to see Rebel Kinney back in singles action, this time against the joyfully obnoxious Zoe Lucas and her plentiful supply of hand sanitiser. Kinney could’ve had the win here, but her sheer integrity would not allow her to claim victory while Lucas’ foot was on the ropes. The match was restarted, with a reinvigorated Lucas fired up. Kinney’s honestly proved her downfall, and Lucas got the win fair and square.

After the match, Kinney called out her ‘friend’, Skye Smitson. Smitson explained that her decision to join the Uprising was pure pragmatism: she’d been a perpetual loser until O’Reilly and co took her under their collective wing. Smitson blamed Kinney for not being there for her when she needed her after the Wrestle Queendom rumble. Kinney walked away, clearly unhappy with the whole situation. We have certainly not seen the last of this situation…

Skye Smitson defeated Session Moth Martina

As if to prove her point, Smitson took it to Martina in a fight which started with a beer can to the face, and only got worse for Martina from there. Martina’s 205 children must have been terribly disappointed. Smitson’s winning streak continues.

Rhia O’Reilly (c) defeated Alpha Female (EVE Championship Match)

Returning hero Alpha Female cut an imposing figure in this all-out brawl, which saw forks employed as weapons, and occupied every inch of the ResGal. O’Reilly managed to get the job done without the aid of her hangers-on, but as Jetta pointed out after the match, it could hardly have been called a clean win. A Rhiadjustment onto a chair spelled the end of Alpha Female’s title shot. Jetta came to the ring afterwards to dress O’Reilly down, culminating in a match at the EVE 10th Anniversary show in May. If Jetta loses, she’s done – for good, this time.

Kasey defeated Sammii Jayne (c) (EVE International Championship Match)

Sammii Jayne is no stranger to wrestling multiple matches in a single night. She is certifiably hard as nails, but Kasey is not to be trifled with either. A thrilling back and forth between two women who ought to have been knackered, but just kept on going. A brutal knee strike to Sammii’s temple saw the match called before Kasey could get the full three count, but it was enough. Kasey was crowned the new EVE International Champion.

Sammii Jayne immediately invoked her rematch clause for 4th April.


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