About us

When you were growing up – who where your heroes?

Other than my family members (who I love dearly), there were not too many female role-models in society who appealed to me. I was not drawn in to the stereotypical female role models – the movie starts, the catwalk models – I was drawn towards wrestlers.

I loved the drama of it all.  The spectacle. The likes of Sensational Sheri, Miss Elizabeth, and women who were strong, and powerful women making it in a male dominated sport that is wrestling.

Why this project and why The Eve Appeal?

Photography has always been a passion of mine – I was always was the one at the back of the school coach on trips with the camera taking pictures of people and places.  A picture always triggers a memory for me and I want the images from this calendar to trigger those memories of childhood. A trip to a wrestling show in 2002 with a camera in my hand and British Wrestling Pictures was born.

I heard about the Eve Appeal due to the work of Rhia O’Reilly when she did some charity work for them last year and I took the time to look in to them and the work they do.  I learnt a lot regarding  checked them out.

What about beyond the calendar?

Like the likes of Sensational Sheri, Luna and co were heroes for me, I would love if the ladies of our own island’s wrestling scene are heroes for the next generation of kids – telling them what they do.  The ladies of the calendar come from all walks of life and backgrounds – they are all the exact same when they get in to that ring.

Awareness of British Wrestling and the women in it is a huge deal for us so we have just launched our news service which will included exclusive blogs and articles from around the wrestling scene – we have other expansion plans as well. Keep staying tuned to the site!